Eddie Thomas Calls for Action on Ashford Road Junction

Eddie says “Halt development near A2 until junction is made safe”

Eddie Thomas and Ben J Martin Ashford road junction

Nearly four years ago Conservative controlled Kent County Council, promised a safer junction for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. The residents of Faversham are still waiting.
A recent report from Highways England highlighted that they are concerned that the A2 / A251 junction already exceeds its designed capacity even before the extra journeys caused by the new housing are taken into account.
The report said that Kent County Council should consider demanding more from the developers to ensure local roads are improved enough to handle the extra traffic
Lib Dem Campaigner Eddie Thomas said “any further development near the A2 must be put on hold until the A2 / A251 Ashford Road junction, which is already congested and dangerous, is improved. For the sake of the safety of pedestrians, cycleists and drivers, I call upon KCC to act immediately and collect funding from all the local developers so that a new A2 / A251 junction can be built to clear the congestion and create a safe place for pedestrians to cross the A2. I've witnessed too many near misses.”
Eddie continued, “Now is also the time for KCC to act and take the opportunity to reserve a strip of land across the Perry Court development, for the long overdue Ospringe by pass, which would improve air quality along the A2 for the Ospringe and Abbey school children. If housing is to be built around Faversham we must first get better and improved roads to support that housing."

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