Antony Hook challenges ITV over Faversham Covid claim



Antony Hook, Liberal Democrat councillor for Faversham, has asked ITV News to explain a statement that the Covid infection rate "in and around Faversham" is the second highest in the country.

Councillor Hook said,

"The statement made about Faversham by ITV's national news appears to be at odds with the available data published by the government.

"What ITV has said has caused local concern.

"Covid is extremely serious and it is important that the facts about it are reported correctly, whether those facts are good or bad news.

"I have written to the reporter who made the story and the editor of the news programme to ask them to explain their basis for the statement or correct it.

"I will never hesitate to speak up for local people and ask questions on their behalf."

A copy of Councillor Hook's 3-page letter to ITV is here.

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