Ben J Martin PPC for Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Ben J Martin has been a Swale Borough Councillor and Cabinet member for Housing since being elected in May 2019. He is the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Swale and successfully negotiated with the leaders of other groups to form the Cooperative Alliance that currently runs the council. Ben is an active and vocal campaigner for openness and transparency at all levels of government. He is a keen believer in cross party working, collaborating with those from across the political spectrum in order to deliver real change and improvements for residents. Ben started campaigning while a student at the Abbey School in Faversham, setting the case for the replacement of the school’s, at the time dilapidated, canteen and has since campaigned against the 2003 Iraq war, for the abolition of the Labour government’s beer duty escalator, and on a range of issues including housing, roads, education, pedestrian safety, citizen’s rights, environmental issues, for support for local pubs and on air quality, drafting a question put before the European Commission.

Ben believes in an infrastructure first approach to development and that housing developers should be required to meet the affordable housing needs of local people when submitting plans for developments.

Ben J was born and raised in Swale. He has worked in retail and hospitality management since graduating from the University with a Diploma in Business & Sustainability. He has is a vocal proponent for increasing equality and diversity in politics. Ben is Dyslexic and has long campaigned for schools to be given adequate resources to diagnose and give support to those with learning difficulties. He is a member of the LGBT+ community.

In 2018 Ben J took part in the 3 peaks challenge, as part of a team that raised over £5000 for the Costa Foundation to build a school in Ethiopia.

Ben believes Britain deserves better and demands better for our communities.

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