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Register for a postal vote and help the Liberal Democrats win.

Voting by post is safe and will mean you won't have to go to the polling station.



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Support young care leavers this Christmas



Children in care will leave the system between age 16 and 18. It is a challenging time for these young people and many will spend Christmas for the first time not in foster care. They can become very isolated.

The Young Lives Foundation is working to make sure every young care leaver feels thought of this Christmas and receives a Christmas present.

You can make a donation to support this valuable campaign.

Faversham Councillor Antony Hook said,

"We can all imagine how difficult it is for young people leaving foster care. They deserve our support at all time and especially our kindness at Christmas.

"The Young Lives Foundation is doing wonderful work. Please support them if you can."



Demand Better For Swale

Local elections will take place across Swale on Thursday May 2nd 2019. 

For too long the Conservatives have taken Swale for granted, cutting services, failing to provide affordable housing, funding vanity projects and increasing special allowances for Conservative cabinet and deputy cabinet members and committee chairs. You deserve better, our communities deserve better. We demand better.

To view our Manifesto for the 2019 local elections, Demand Better For Swale Click Here

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