Cllr Antony Hook


Fighting for a better Faversham

Antony Hook is Faversham's elected representative on Kent County Council.  He is also an elected member of the Town Council since January 2017, and was elected to the European Parliament in May 2019.

Antony was elected as County Councillor at the local elections held on 4 May 2017.

He is passionate about standing up for everyone who lives in Faversham.  He believes that we live in a great town, which could be even better for everyone who lives here. 

He is especially interested in:

  • Protecting local health services,
  • Making our roads safer, in particular with 20 mph speed limits to save lives,
  • Helping the economy grow with investment and more good local jobs,
  • Getting action on fixing potholes, street lights, blocked drains and other basics that cause big problems for local people affected by them, 
  • Making sure Brexit does not harm Faversham - where farming, food and drink and other international work is hugely important.

Fighting for a better Kent

Liberal Democrats are the second largest party and Official Opposition on Kent County Council.  Antony is opposition spokesman on Economic Development and is a member of the committees for Regeneration & Economic Development and Environment and Transport.

He works with colleagues in the Liberal Democrat Group to develop alternative, better ideas for the future of Kent.

4 May 2017 - when Faversham chose Antony

On election day, 4 May 2017, more people turned out to vote in Faversham than in any other part of Kent.

Living and working locally

Antony lives in Faversham with his wife Becky.  Outside of being a councillor, Antony's "day job" is as a lawyer.  He qualified as a barrister in 2003.  He is a criminal law specialist and is especially known in the profession as a prosecutor of serious crime.

He is self-employed and takes a number of days off work at his own expense to do work for the community as a local councillor. 

Family and education

Antony moved to Kent during his childhood as his father sought new work during the economically difficult times of the 1980s.  Both his parents worked in local public services and are now retired.  He has one brother who does statistical work for an organisation that promotes excellence in education. 

After attending a local grammar school, Antony studied history at University College London, followed by law at City University and the Inns of Court School of Law.  He completed his training at leading chambers (a group of barristers) in the capital.  He uses the skills he has developed as an advocate and lawyer to help him stand up for Faversham as a councillor.  

Antony lives in Faversham with his wife Becky and their two children. 

Liberal Democrat background

He joined the Liberal Democrats while at university in 1998.  Nationally, he has been an elected member of both the party board and the national policy committee.  He has represented the UK and Liberal Democrats at international meetings.  In 2014, he chaired the Liberal Democrat campaign in the South East in the European Elections, which achieved the election of the only Liberal Democrat MEP in the UK.

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