COVID-19 Update 6/4/20

As of 9am 6 April, 252,958 tests have concluded, with 13,069 tests carried out on 5 April (this does not include data for Northern Ireland). Some individuals are tested more than once for clinical reasons.

208,837 people have been tested, of whom 51,608 tested positive. There have been 793 confirmed cases in Kent and 153 in Medway.

As of 5pm on 5 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 5,373 have died.

There are many support groups being rolled out across our area. Council's at all levels are working together to coordinate, cooperate and facilitate help for those in our community that need it. 

In Faversham the Town Council has set up a helpline for residents. 




Swale borough Council has set up Community Support hubs across the borough to help get food a medicine to those who are unable to leave the house. Updates on how Borough Council Services are working can be found here. 

Details on support for businesses and other general COVID-19 information can be found here

Kent County Council have launched a 24 hour phone line called Kent together 

As a party we have also pulled together information from Public Health England and various mental health charities the NHS etc into one place on our national party website .

Its with great sadness that I also inform you that over the weekend Freeman of the Town and Port of Faversham and Swale Alderman Bryan Mulhern sadly lost his battle with illness and passed away, our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Bryan Mulhern                                                   

We are also morning the loss of Swale Alderman Bernard “Bernie” Lowe. Bernie was a key member of the Swale Lib Dem group for many years and served as a Councillor in both Milton Regis and Grove Wards. Bernie died after contracting COVID-19. Our thoughts are also with his wife Alderwoman Elvie Lowe and her family at this difficult time.

We would also like to wish Prime Minister Boris Johnson and anyone else suffering with Coronavirus a full and speedy recovery.

Contact your local Councillor:
Abbey Ward

Cllr Antony Hook** - 03000 419916 [email protected] Facebook Antony Hook, Faversham Councillor  Twitter 
Cllr Denise Knights - [email protected] Facebook Cllr Denise Knights
Cllr Hannah Perkin* - 07811 035512 [email protected] Facebook /CllrHPerkin  Twitter
Cllr Chris Williams - 07826264689 - [email protected] Facebook /CllrCWilliams

Priory Ward 

Cllr Alison Reynolds - 07790235403 - [email protected] 
Cllr Ben A Martin* - 07734 559089 - [email protected] - Facebook for both Priory Ward Councillors 

St Ann’s Ward

Cllr Kris Barker - 07817 970012 [email protected]
Cllr Trevor Martin - 07413 996393 [email protected] Facebook for Cllr T Martin

Watling Ward

Cllr John Irwin - 07881 534476 [email protected]
Cllr Ben J Martin* - 01795 417806 [email protected] Facebook /CllrBenJMartinLD  Twitter BenMartinLD
Cllr Eddie Thomas* - 07872 472 032 [email protected] 


* = Swale Borough Councillor, **=Kent County Councillor, all Councillors except Cllr Ben A Martin are Faversham Town Councillors.


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