John Irwin

Cllr John Irwin - Demanding Better for Faversham



Living Locally

John lives in Faversham with his wife and three children.  The family moved to the town from London in 2015, seeking a better place to bring up a family. All agree that Faversham is a great place to live and want to make it even better.

Work and Education

John is the European Vice President of a US biotech company developing a new treatment for children with Leukaemia.  Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, he trained as a teacher a Canterbury Christ Church University and taught for 4 years at a large non selective school in West Kent.  John has an MSc Health Policy from Imperial College London. 


John was born in Belfast in 1971, at the height of the ‘Troubles” and grew up experiencing the negative consequences of entrenched social and political division.  This has had a strong influence on his political perspective and he strongly believes that things can only work when those with differing views and opinions are willing to work together to improve what they have in common.


John’s free time is taken up with family and friends.  He enjoys sports, walking, making and drinking Kentish cider. He is a volunteer rugby coach at a local secondary school.

Why is John a Lib Dem Campaigner?

“I’m a relative new comer to Faversham, but I’m proud to call it home.  Faversham is a wonderful place, but can be even better and I want to play my part in making better happen.”


Cllr John Irwin was elected to Faversham Town Council in Watling Ward in May 2019.

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