Lib Dem Councillors Support Youth Project while calling for improved safety at Faversham Rec

Liberal Democrat Councillors Hannah Perkin, Eddie Thomas and Mayor of Faversham Alison Reynolds attended Faversham Recreation Ground last Friday evening to see for themselves the level of lighting on the Rec and the youth outreach work by the Pavilion that had recently started.

The youth outreach project, which received funding from Faversham Town Council, will be traveling to different parts of Faversham and the surrounding villages providing an array of facilities and activities for young people. 

Cllr Hannah Perkin said, “after the recent incident at the Rec, we are taking residents concerns very seriously and want to ensure the Rec is safe and welcoming for everyone. The public footpath running from the 'long bridge' to the Pavilion, is now very well lit as is all around the Pavilion and that is where we met the youth outreach activity being held by 'the Benefice of Faversham Community mobile unit at their Little GEM trailer.' I've been told that the Police have increased their patrols monitoring the Rec, and since the summer have seen a reduction in anti social behaviour and crime.”

Faversham Mayor, Cllr Alison Reynold said "I am impressed with the range of facilities and activities the youth outreach project has been able to provide. Facilities for young people like youth clubs which use to be provided by the county council have been cut significantly over the years, and its important that we work with partners to ensure we support young people, and give them access to the same opportunities we had when we were younger." 

Youth Trailer

Eddie, “we will be campaigning for an additional flood light over the Skate Park and also a new light over the Outdoor Gym so that these facilities can be used even with reduced daylight hours. We appreciate that there needs to be a careful balance of enough lighting to be safe but not so much it causes a nuisance to nearby residents. I was pleased to see the new lighting at the front of the Lodge, Rugby Club, and this is where the new kiosk/coffee shop, will be located. There is a new toilet at the Lodge which will be available during the times that the kiosk is open. The new public toilets at the Pavilion are now open. They are on the car park side of the building. A new CCTV camera has now been installed at the Rec and this will be monitored at SBC's CCTV Control Room.”
Swale Community Safety Partnership reported that Faversham Recreation ground is regularly discussed at their monthly meetings to ensure that action is taken to ensure the safety of the users of the Rec. This group commissioned Brogdale CIC to undertake late night youth outreach work at the Rec to support the Police. Young people are now talking to the youth workers and engaging with the table football and computer games that are available.
The Swale Community Safety Partnership includes Swale Borough Council, Kent Police, Kent County Council, health and probation services, local housing associations including Optivo and “Swale Safe”
The partnership focuses on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour as well as keeping vulnerable residents safe.

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