15,698 low income households in Sittingbourne & Sheppey paying over the odds for their broadband as Government fails to act

15,698 low income households in Sittingbourne & Sheppey are paying too much for their broadband because the Government has not forced providers to offer cheaper tariffs, an analysis by the Liberal Democrats has found.

So-called ‘social tariffs’, which typically offer broadband access between £10 and £20 a month, are only currently offered by some providers. But changes to the law that came into force last year mean that the Government now has the ability to force broadband providers to offer these cheaper deals.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to offer relief to families facing a cost of living crisis, by forcing broadband providers to offer cheaper deals to vulnerable consumers in Sittingbourne & Sheppey.

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Swale Lib Dems back call for climate action now!

Local Lib Dems have backed a letter sent to the COP26 climate change summit signed by hundreds of local councillors across the country calling on more power for local government to tackle climate change.

Councillor Eddie Thomas said:

“What the country has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic will pale in comparison to the economic and social impacts of climate breakdown if we do not take action immediately. The latest UK Climate Risk Assessment concluded that the UK is “woefully underprepared” for the impacts of climate change that will hit the country.

“The UK’s net zero targets can only be achieved if Government and local authorities work seamlessly together. More than half of the emissions cuts needed rely on people and businesses taking up low-carbon solutions – solutions around buildings, energy and transport - decisions that are made at a local and individual level.

“With 9 out of 10 councils having declared a climate emergency, full support from the Prime Minister and his government is needed to make sure local ambitions become a reality.”

Liberal Democrat Local Government Spokesperson Councillor Pippa Heylings, speaking at the COP26 summit said: “The UK cannot meet net zero without local councils. Councils have influence over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions. We need to be able to work together with central government on this. Over 350 Liberal Democrat Councillors have signed this letter calling on the Prime Minister to take action.”

More Affordable Homes Delivered in Swale

More new affordable homes have been delivered in Swale in the past two & a half years than in the preceding 4 years says Swale Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Ben J Martin (Lib Dem). 

The delivery of much-needed affordable housing is a key priority of Swale's Coalition Administration. Swale's Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Ben J Martin who leads on housing at Swale said "Delivering more affordable housing remains a key target of the administration, and especially of the Liberal Democrats at Swale. I'm really pleased that the actions we have taken to secure increased affordable housing in the borough, both through the planning process and through encouraging registered providers to spend their grant funding in the borough is having an impact."

Cllr Ben J Martin by newly built Optivo Homes

Ben continued "I strongly believe that everyone deserves a decent, warm, safe, secure place to call home that they can afford. Despite the impact of the pandemic on the construction industry, we have delivered 81 more affordable homes in the borough in 2 years than the previous Conservative administration managed in 4 years, and we have many more affordable homes in the pipeline."

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Lib Dem lobbying leads to more tree planting

Several new trees have been planted on highway verges across Faversham following lobbying from Lib Dem-led Faversham Town Council's Climate and Biodiversity committee. 


Cllr Chris Williams said "It's great to see new trees being planted in Abbey Place and Station Road by KCC highways. Lobbying from Faversham Town Council's Climate and Biodiversity group has helped secure funding for these in our town. Also a commitment for many more next year!"


Since the Lib Dems took the majority of seats on Faversham Town Council in May 2019, the town council has invested significant efforts in attempting to tackle the Climate and Biodiversity emergency, including last years Tree week tree giveaway, where the town council gave away 1,000 trees for residents to plant in their gardens, planting bee-friendly plants across town, lobbying for increased re-wilding, reducing the town council's carbon footprint and running a number of events across town. 


This week see the Council host a series of events in the run-up to COP26 to engage with young people about the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.


Swale Lib Dem Councillors call on MP's to stop sewage discharges

Swale Lib Dem Councillors have called on MPs to support amendment aimed at preventing water companies from dumping untreated sewage into rivers, seas, and waterways. 

In a vote in parliament on the Amendment earlier this week, Conservative MPs, with the exception of a small number of rebels, voted not to include it as the bill continues its journey through parliament. 

Councillor Hannah Perkin, has Helen Whately MP ahead of tomorrow's important vote in the House of Commons asking her to change her mind and to vote for greater protection of our rivers from sewage dumping.

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Lib Dem Led Faversham Town Council Works to Raise Awareness of Dyslexia

Lib Dem Led Faversham Town Council has run a series of events to mark Dyslexia Awareness Week. 

The event's arranged by the Town Council's Youth Working group included a performance by the Award-winning Sam Rapp, the dyslexic poet, a community support event, supported by Faversham Dyslexia and a weeklong exhibition proved very popular, with employers, parents, and education professionals engaging with councillors and officers to learn and understand both the challenges and strengths dyslexic thinkers have. 

Cllr Ben J Martin said "As a dyslexic myself, it has been a real privilege to be able to help so many people this past week, both to understand dyslexia but also to help parents and children recently diagnosed as having dyslexia to access the support service available."



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Council Committed to tackling Homelessness

Lib Dem group leader at Swale Borough Council and Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr Ben J Martin has provided a list of achievements including 97% reduction in rough sleeping, in response to a question raised by a member of the council at the full council meeting held on Wednesday, October 6th 2021. 

The member asked, "What impact has the council had on rough sleeping over the last 27 months?"


Cllr Ben J Martin responded 

"I’d like to start by Thanking the whole Housing team for their work in this area. They have dealt with exceptionally high demand for our services over the past 27 months, and in particularly difficult circumstances during the pandemic."

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Councillors Push for Affordable Housing

Liberal Democrat Councillor's from Watling Ward have written to Kent County Council Cabinet Member to request that the provision of affordable housing is given priority in decision making over sale of former social care site. 


Earlier in the year, KCC advertised the former site of Kiln Court and Osbourne Court in Faversham for Sale. Bidding on the site closed at the end of May, but as yet KCC hasn't finalised the sale. 

Cllrs Ben J Martin, Eddie Thomas, Chris Cavanagh and John Irwin have written a joint letter to KCC's Cabinet Member for Finance requesting that extra weight is given to the potential to provide homes for affordable rent on the site rather than the site being sold for standard market sale development. 

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Helen Whately breaks promise to people of Faversham & Mid Kent over unfair tax hike

Faversham Liberal Democrats have slammed local Conservative MP Helen Whately’s choice to break their promise to the electorate and vote for a 1.25% rise in National Insurance.

The changes, which go against the Conservatives’ manifesto promise not to raise taxes, will mean hard-pressed local families and small businesses will be left paying hundreds of pounds more in tax each year.

Helen Whately was one of the 317 Conservative MPs to support the plans. Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the government plans, arguing that they fail to fix the ongoing social care crisis and will fall disproportionately on the young, the low-paid, and small businesses.

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6,540 in Faversham & Mid Kent face "heartless" government Universal Credit cut

As many as 17% of hard-pressed families across Faversham & Mid Kent face being left worse off when the government end the uplift to Universal Credit next month. 

New data from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation exposes the true nature of how badly some areas will be hit by the £20 Universal Credit cut, which is opposed by Faversham Lib Dems. 

In the report, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates that the Universal Credit cut alone could force 500,000 people, almost half of them, children, into poverty. Their breakdown shows that some 6,540 families in Faversham & Mid Kent will be harmed by the government's uplift cut, with 31% of families with children in Faversham being affected adversely.

Responding to the data, Mike Henderson, Liberal Democrat Candidate in the Priory Ward by-election said:

"Faversham has had to pull itself through this pandemic while dealing with this incompetent heartless Conservative government, this cut will do untold damage to so many of our local families. 


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