Swale Lib Dem Councillors call on MP's to stop sewage discharges

Swale Lib Dem Councillors have called on MPs to support amendment aimed at preventing water companies from dumping untreated sewage into rivers, seas, and waterways. 

In a vote in parliament on the Amendment earlier this week, Conservative MPs, with the exception of a small number of rebels, voted not to include it as the bill continues its journey through parliament. 

Councillor Hannah Perkin, has Helen Whately MP ahead of tomorrow's important vote in the House of Commons asking her to change her mind and to vote for greater protection of our rivers from sewage dumping.

"Dear Helen Whatley MP,
I was beyond disappointed to hear that an amendment to secure greater protection for our rivers and waterways from sewage discharges was voted down and that you personally voted against it .
Faversham has a rich maritime history.
The creek, the heart of our town, has been used for trade and leisure for centuries and the chalk streams that run through and around Faversham are rare, unique and important environments. Recently, the Cooksditch stream, which has been lovingly restored by volunteers was flooded with sewage following heavy rain, much to the horror of those that are working to improve it for wildlife.
We all have a part to play in the fight to protect our local rivers and I urge you to change your mind ahead of the crucial next vote tomorrow. We have just one more opportunity to save our rivers and I am calling on Conservative MPs to do the right thing for our local environment.
With thanks
Cllr Hannah Perkin
Abbey Ward Faversham"
Cllr Ben J Martin said, "it's really disappointing that of the 2 MP's who represent residents in Swale, a borough with a large amount of coastline, tidal inlets, chalk streams, and waterways, that only one chose to vote in support of the amendment. Helen Whately may talk tough on Southern Water, but her actions prove otherwise."

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